Friday, September 19, 2008

Back home, in the beautiful Northwest

My last days in New Hampshire were nothing short of wonderful. Warming up by the wood stove at Kim's, the (seemingly) endless political conversations between Tucker and his Gramps, packing and repacking boxes to ship out to Seattle, and one of my new favorite pastimes - a little something they call mud-bogging (see our photography site for a pictorial explanation:).

Gramps took us out to an incredible going-away dinner at La Meridiana, an authentic Italian restaurant where Dillon and Tucker learned the art of Northern Italian cooking as young men. Piero, the owner and chef, treated us to an incredible dinner in our own private dining room. I had the cod - and wow, it was fabulous.

After dinner Gramps gave me the most wonderful gift. As a going away present he gave me a "family treasure" .. an adorable photograph of Tucker at age 2-3 that has been gracing his wall for over 26 years. It was such a thoughtful gift. I absolutely love it, and already have it up in my room.

I arrived in Seattle on Wednesday, where my mom and I immediately indulged in a latte and scone - our own little tradition. We went right to work on a promotional mailing for our Picture Globe Company, which I finally completed today. Yay! Wish us luck!

My wonderful grandparents drove all the way from Anacortes to see me (and the baby bump) on Thursday. They both look incredible, by the way, and I think they got a little teary-eyed when they felt the baby kick. It was special, and precious, as grandma would say :). They brought lots of sweet little gifts for the baby. They are quite the doting great-grandparents already.

I was absolutely ECSTATIC to receive the painting that my grandpa had done for me a few months back. It is a work inspired by a piece from his early years as an art student (one that I have a great fondness for). I can't wait to hang this painting in our new home.

My sweetheart (Tucker) is still in New Hampshire until this coming week. He has been keeping very busy... chopping, transporting and stacking quarts of wood for his gramps and mom (what a sweet guy). Today they drove to Maine to pick up another 350-pound wood-burning stove. Those New Hampshire winters must be something else. I am hoping to experience it soon :).

Of course, I can't wait for Tucker to get here... I think he will be surprised at how much my belly has grown in only one week. It seems to change every day. I am convinced that the baby has inherited Tuckers sharp elbows, because I am getting little jabs in my side on a regular basis now :) I love it.

Things are changing fast around here. I'm sure we will have more updates for you soon. Next on the agenda - filling Picture Globe orders, finding a midwife, reading about the "Bradley Method" for natural birth, and making blackberry pies with the TONS of blackberries I picked today. We are so blessed!

Lots of love,

Heather and baby

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yesterday was a perfect New Hampshire late-summer day. We spent some unforgettable time at "The Fells", an incredible estate dating back to the early 1800's, with Gramps, Cally and Dillon. The gardens and landscape were beautiful! Afterwards, we finished our day with sailing and kayaking in Lake Sunapee.
Although I am really going to miss this place, I am looking forward to heading back home to the Northwest in one week! Now that I am SEVEN months pregnant, and ready to nest :) Tucker and I are on the road to Seattle! Hooray! See you all soon!