Friday, November 7, 2008

All Tucked In, in West Seattle

It has been quite a while since my last post... We are finally settled into our new apartment in West Seattle, and set up with free wi-fi (thanks to the genius of Richie B). Now that I am officially "reconnected" I promise to update our site MUCH more often. And with less than THREE weeks until our due date, we will soon have a new, sweet little addition to our home, family, and blog site :)
Our transition to the Northwest has been very smooth, thanks in a very large part to our family. Thanks to Mom and Ron for opening up their home to us while we found our apartment :) We got to spend a good deal of time with the horses, even attending two races at Emerald Downs - where they took home not just one, but TWO wins. We also thoroughly enjoyed a night out in the city for the Phantom of the Opera play at the historic Paramount Theater. It was quite a treat. The set design and costumes were like nothing I have ever seen before. It was spectacular!
On October 18th we moved into our apartment in West Seattle, right on California Avenue. It is perfect for us! Last night Tucker and I walked down the street a few blocks to a great little Greek restaurant, where Tucker instantly hit it off with the owner Spartos. They reminisced together about life in Greece, while I thoroughly enjoyed a meal of lamb, chicken and lemon soup, calamari, and fresh pita with tzatziki.
While framing photos of our travels over the last few days, I ran out of mat board. All I had to do was throw on my sandals to run across the street (to the frame shop) where they gave me a free sheet. I LOVE this neighborhood! We are living right around the corner from the "original" Gosanko Chocolate Art Factory.. were I had my very first job as chocolate foil wrapper for my dear Grandpa Gosanko. We are also mere blocks away from my Preschool, where all I really recall is a kid named Joey that sat next to me eating glue, and who was unable to color inside the lines, which bothered me immensely.
I have many good memories of West Seattle, and it is nice to be back. Even more, I love sharing these new experiences with my sweetie Tucker. I think he has really taken to the place. It doesn't hurt that we are surrounded by water, seagulls, and marinas.
We had a lot of help moving into our new place.. Nikki, Chad and Jayson were all in town for our baby shower, and my dad was nice enough to drive down from Anacortes to help us unload my entire infamous storage unit into the Uhaul. After the move, we all celebrated with a group photo, followed by Spud's fish and chips on Alki.

Tucker landed a great job with Penguin Windows. He is working as a design consultant and has picked it up very quickly. Everyone at the company has already grown attached to him. I am so proud of him! It has been an adjustment for me to see him off in the mornings. For the past three years I have been spoiled by getting to spend just about every waking moment with him. Luckily his schedule is somewhat flexible, and we still get some long mornings together. He also never misses an appointment with our midwife. He is going to be quite the birthing coach, and I am very blessed to have a husband that is so involved in our baby's birth :) I will be relieved to have him by my side during labor.
Business at the Picture Globe Company is picking up speed for the season. We are excited to have our ornaments featured on the Food Network for their holiday special! Can't remember the date for sure, maybe Nov 12, but I will post it just in case any of you want to be on the look-out :) We are in our tenth season this year, I can't believe it. It feels great to be making special Christmas gifts for so many people.
There are so many things I could talk about that have happened in the last weeks.. but I will leave it at this. There is still MUCH more to come.
My due date is November 24th, and this baby is going to be ready! It is constantly moving around, kicking me in the ribs, hiccuping, and already keeping me up at night. Tucker was just saying that he hasn't had a full night's sleep since we were on the boat together. It's amazing how pregnancy begins to prepare you for parenthood.
The nursery is coming together, with photos of family and loved ones on the walls. This baby is going to be very loved, that's for sure.